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Millennium Solar Generators

10 kW Air-Cooled
Standby Generator

The NEW Guardian 10 kW standby generator provides the cleanest and most affordable pre-wired, pre-packaged power protection on the market. It comes standard with an 10 circuit automatic transfer switch that protects critical circuits in your home. For extra convenience, this model has a digital control panel, external main circuit breaker and system status LED.

Convenient, Hands-Free Operation 
No fueling. No manual start. No extension cords. Runs on natural gas or liquid propane 

Clean, Smooth Power 
True Power™ Technology provides safe operation of sensitive electronics 

Powerful Output 
Increased output for more protection, includes automatic transfer switch with 10 circuits protected (NEMA 1, indoor rated only) 

Ultra Quiet 
Features 1/3 the sound level of a portable generator 

Confident Operation 
Automatic weekly exercise ensures protective response 

Easiest Installation 
Includes 30 ft., 5 ft. & 2 ft. pre-wired conduits, outdoor connection box, flexible fuel line pigtail and composite mounting pad 

Generac OHVI® Industrial Engine 
The only air-cooled engine designed specifically for generators 

  • Long-run, long-life design: Over 3,000 hours of run time 
  • High-torque design: Responds instantly to large electrical loads 
  • Low-maintenance: 2 year, 200 hour service intervals 

Protective Enclosure 
Galvanized steel and tough paint finish for unmatched durability 

UL Listed 
For safety and certified power ratings

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