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Millennium Solar Generators

20 kW Air-Cooled
Standby Generator

The NEW Guardian 20 kW standby generator provides the quietest, cleanest and most affordable whole house power outage protection on the market. The aluminum enclosure ensures corrosion resistance for the generator's weather-proof housing as the stylish fascia trims out its industrial design. It comes standard with the PowerManager® LTS automatic transfer switch that prevents overload while eliminating the need to add a separate service disconnect when backing up the entire house. For extra convenience, this model has a digital control panel, external main circuit breaker, system status LED and maintenance interval LED as well as an external GFCI outlet for outdoor power needs. 

Convenient, Hands-Free Operation 
No fueling. No manual start. No extension cords. Runs on natural gas or liquid propane 

Clean, Smooth Power 
True Power™ Technology provides safe operation of sensitive electronics 

Powerful Output 
Highest power output in its class 

Quietest, Confident Operation 
Patented Whisper Test™ feature makes the 20kW model as quiet as a car at idle during the weekly self-testing cycle 

Easiest Installation 
Simple, pre-packaged system 

PowerManager LTS transfer switch 
Provides whole house protection by managing essential and non-essential circuits 

Generac OHVI® Industrial Engine 
The only air-cooled engine designed specifically for generators 

  • Long-run, long-life design: Over 3,000 hours of run time 
  • High-torque design: Responds instantly to large electrical loads 
  • Low-maintenance: 2 year, 200 hour service intervals 

Ultimate Weather Protection 
Aluminum enclosure for superior corrosion resistance 

Base Fascia 
Matching trim piece finishes off the new design 

UL Listed 
For safety and certified power ratings 

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