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 A properly functioning furnace in your home is essential - especially here in Illinois we know how important it is to keep your family safe and warm. There are a handful of options to choose from when selecting the right furnace for your home and budget.




Millennium Solar FurnaceMillennium Solar Electric carries only top brand manufacturers. We are dedicated to keeping you educated on what it takes to ensure your furnace runs properly for its life span of 18-20 years. We can provide you with every service you will need to make sure your furnace is operating perfectly. From safety inspections to tune ups, we can even remind you when your furnace is due for a filter change! Your furnace can be dangerous if not keep cleaned and service for a number of reasons, including carbon monoxide poisoning which can result in deadly consequences. Since it’s such a complicated machine with numerous moving parts, your furnace should be checked regularly in order to ensure it’s working properly.


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Here are some common questions you might have when 80% or 90% Efficient EER (Energy Efficiency Rating) of Furnace?



  • Single stage furnace, two stage furnace, or self modulating type furnace?
  • Variable speed blower or standard blower?
  • Is sound and issue? Insulated cabinet or standard?
  • Should you consider supplemental heat?
  • What are other people buying?
  • When can I see a return on my investment?
  • What should  it comes to furnaces:


Millennium Electrical Service


Maintenance - We offer a 20-point precision tune up that can be scheduled once a year, which includes:




  1. Checking system for proper refrigerant charge
  2. Checking compressor and fan amps
  3. Checking and clean condenser coil
  4. Checking capacitors
  5. Checking contactor points
  6. Brushing our electrical cabinet
  7. Checking all caps and valves for seals and/or proper snug fit
  8. Checking thermostat operation and mounting
  9. Checking blower amps
  10. Checking heal strip amps, circuit components and safeties
  11. Checking/evaluating evaporator coil for buildup
  12. Checking blower wheel for buildup
  13. Check all electrical connections and wires
  14. Change/wash filter
  15. Checking temperature splits
  16. Lubricating all moving parts where applicable
  17. Flushing and vacuuming drain line/pan and evaluating drainage
  18. Checking float switch operation
  19. Cleaning equipment exterior
  20. Checking final performance and report necessary improvements