How To Jumpstarting the llinois Solar PV Market

How To Jumpstarting the llinois Solar PV Market
In order to jumpstart a diverse Illinois (2) “utility”-scale projects sized at solar market with the widest possible 2 MW or higher (40%); and range of benefits, the legislation contains carve-outs within the solar new build requirement for:
(3) development of urban brownfields into solar brightfields (2%).
(1) adjustable block program that procures RECs from distributed generation and community solar (50%);
There is also long-term funding for low-income solar development.

Goals of Illinois Solar for All
“The objectives of the Illinois Solar for All Program are to bring photovoltaics to low-income communities in this State in a manner that maximizes the development of new photovoltaic generating facilities, to create a long-term, low- income solar marketplace throughout this State, to integrate, through interaction with stakeholders, with existing energy efficiency initiatives, and to minimize administrative costs.”

Schedule: 25% by 2025
With Explicit Requirements for New Wind & Solar
The Illinois RPS maintains the existing 25% by 2025 renewable energy targets with the existing 2% cost cap on rates, but adds new provisions to ensure that these RECs are supplied by new construction of wind and solar projects in Illinois. We estimate that this will require more than 1,350 MW of new wind and 3,000 MW of new solar by 2030.


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