4 New Recessed Lights

$699.00 $600.00

Modern, recessed lighting updates the look and feel of your home with minimal investment. Adding a dimmer switch allows you to customize your lighting effect for any activity. Let your home’s beauty shine with this bright offer!


* $699 for 4 new, 6-inch recessed lights with a single-pole dimmer switch
* Includes materials and installation labor
* All lights must be installed in the same room; assumes drywall construction and a flat ceiling up to 10 feet high
* Offer does not include installation of new circuitry; lighting will be added to existing switch leg only if existing circuit can handle the load
* Offer cannot be used for vaulted ceilings, outdoor locations, or ceilings higher than 10 feet (additional charges will apply for higher ceilings)
* Dimmer switch must be replacing an existing switch; additional charge for LED dimmable switch and if new installation wiring is required
* Offer does not include drywall repair
* Additional charges may apply for plaster ceilings